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PROJECT, The work with a designated genuine purpose! Electing and implementing a project is one such process, with utmost dedication and determination to achieve the desired outcome of it. Wide variety of websites, numerous ideas, enormous platforms have eventually emerged, but here is the team TECHKNOWSPRO ensuring better standards and success with its efficient and outstanding commitment towards any piece of art or work! Professionally and ethically, this is a devoted platform for an individual either to start on or to continue with. Guidance in each step, unity and dedication being a priority, and achieving the target with success and knowledge is the essence of TECHKNOWSPRO. TECHKNOWSPRO is a team of members with principled ethics and knowledge being the prominent factor, work accomplished at the right time with the right goal.

The finest and optimal quality of projects will be successfully achieved in TECHKNOWSPRO. Self-learning kits and the optimal training will be provided which would be inclusive of all the demands by an individual and would be relevant to the real time knowledge of these respective applications. The projects and kits which are presented and suggested are based on referring to the IEEE Standards, which involves the designing and implementation of valid and needful concepts. TECKNOWSPRO deals with the final year engineering projects which are more crucial and significant academic part of B.E/B.TECH students.

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Home Automation

TECHKNOWSPRO also handles Home Automation, also known as domotics, which is the automation concept applied to a home making it a smart home/house.

Final Year Projects

The finest and optimal quality of projects will be successfully achieved in TECHKNOWSPRO. Self-learning kits and the optimal training will be provided which would be inclusive of all the demands

Software Development

The finest and optimal quality of projects will be successfully achieved in TECHKNOWSPRO. Self-learning kits and the optimal training will be provided

PCB Design and Developments

Schematics is defined as the readable and understandable format corresponding to the connectivity and functionality between different components designated in a particular project.

DIY kits

TECHKNOWSPRO is also essential in possessing an E-Com page to sell the respective DIY kits. These kits are an association of all the requisite components along with the material with complete guidance


In this section you'll find basic information about Doks and how to install it and use it properly. If you're first time user then you should read Getting Started section first.


TECHKNOWSPRO also deals with internships that would render an individual with workplace and experience, hence providing a greater knowledge and practical skills in various domains.

Patent Filing and Drafting

An efficient and effective patent is one such mandatory characteristic for a beneficial commercialization of any technology. The quality and quantitative description of the technical subjects enables

Selection of a good Final Year Project

When the projects are chosen wisely and implemented efficiently, attaining the optimal output and enhancing one’s knowledge, it would add lot of benefits and credits to one’s profile. These projects would be advantageous in improving and intensifying your knowledge, as well as experience and hence assisting an individual to perform even better in core job placements or higher study interviews.
The latest technologies would ensure to add weightage to a project. It would be non-beneficial factor to choose a technology outdated as it would not be much of use today and would not be a demanding factor. Choosing a latest technology project would have lot of future scope as well as would be much profitable to one’s profile. Hence the first tip is to select a project relating to the latest technology.
Every project designed and implemented must have a motto, which is upholding the morality and technicality. Hence choosing a project with real time solution and applicability would be of greater use and benefits. When an individual chooses a project concerning a social issue , that would be an add on to the impression for the project, thus absolutely ending up with a good notion. Thus, the projects would be more favorable when chosen on social issues.
Time and budget are the two important factors when you choose a project. Completing the project on time with the right amount of money is one important calculation to choose a right project. Thus , making sure both the factors does not go out of hand.
No one would appreciate a project that is repeated. Hence before finalizing your final year project, do a survey about the projects done by your seniors and be sure that it was not done previously. Though not completely a new concept, the project must have some improvisation that would give a better learning experience. Also, when you have a look at your senior’s projects, you might come across various unknown concepts and technologies, as well as you would know whom to approach for any guidance and help in your future accomplishment of the project.
Inculcating the modern and up to date technologies, that is the latest technologies in your work would be more beneficial. There would be several people who would be doing enormous research on the latest technologies and including them in their work of implementation and documentation. These methodologies used could be referred through college library or in a public forum. Referring these research journals would enhance your knowledge over the latest technologies as well as improve your work by updating these in your project as well. Mentioning the details of technology advancement would be an improvising factor.
Once you decide upon your project and choose to start your work, list down the various technologies that would be involving in the implementation of this project. Having a clear picture of your project technically and ethically is very prominent. You would need potential mentors and guiders, who could help you research more on and give you efficient advices in proceeding ahead in the respective technology. Hence whenever you face a problem, it is very useful to have someone beside to guide you in the right direction and help you proceed.
Since final year projects are extraordinarily essential and significant in strengthening your profile and career, you should take it very seriously and thoughtfully. Any final year mission that is finished with none of the learning achieved will no longer add any credibility in your profile. For this, you may have to collaborate with the best of resources in improvising your knowledge as well as keeping your project in the right track. Keeping all the above guidelines in mind, you should be able to accomplish your project work with the utmost optimal output, achieving all the desired factors. Remember, the last year mission gives greater credibility to your profile than just grades. Hence, choose your project wisely, work with the right institutions and achieve the goals.

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