PROJECT, The work with a designated genuine purpose! Electing and implementing a project is one such process, with utmost dedication and determination to achieve the desired outcome of it. Wide variety of websites, numerous ideas, enormous platforms have eventually emerged, but here is the team TECHKNOWSPRO ensuring better standards and success with its efficient and outstanding commitment towards any piece of art or work! Professionally and ethically, this is a devoted platform for an individual either to start on or to continue with. Guidance in each step, unity and dedication being a priority, and achieving the target with success and knowledge is the essence of TECHKNOWSPRO. TECHKNOWSPRO is a team of members with principled ethics and knowledge being the prominent factor, work accomplished at the right time with the right goal.

The finest and optimal quality of projects will be successfully achieved in TECHKNOWSPRO. Self-learning kits and the optimal training will be provided which would be inclusive of all the demands by an individual and would be relevant to the real time knowledge of these respective applications. The projects and kits which are presented and suggested are based on referring to the IEEE Standards, which involves the designing and implementation of valid and needful concepts. TECKNOWSPRO deals with the final year engineering projects which are more crucial and significant academic part of B.E/B.TECH students.

When choosing an ideal project, the list of options is supplemental in the category of ECE and EEE due to emerging and evolution of various technologies like embedded system, automation, wireless power, VLSI, communication, GSM, solar, Wi-Fi, simulation, Bluetooth, Zigbee etc. From this wider category, involving a wide variety of technological concepts and theory, it makes the ECE and EEE students to select an appropriate project. This article is corresponding to the final year ECE and EEE projects, where in an individual must possess the basic knowledge to decide the righteous project and implementation of one such accordingly. Further on the article would be depicting the process of selection of a good project and the proceeding with the implementation.



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